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...then you need Wonderwhiff. The fragrance that's guarnateed to win the women! One whiff and the woman is won with Wonderwhiff!

I tell my classes that they are aspiring actors and they want to appear in a commercial.

I then give the students a script of some 'cheesy' commercials, like the one above, and have them memorise the script and work out where the stress and intonation is.

I like to include (onamatapeia) words and phrases that tests the students pronunciation.

Have the students practice their auditions in pairs, then once they are ready have them perform their auditions in front of the class. The other students can give feedback and the performances and at the end decide on who gets the part(s).

Once they have finished, dying of laughter and/or embarrassment have them come up with their own commercials.

I have got loads of different skits, so if you are in need of anymore propmting feel free to email me - have fun!

[email protected]
Jakarta, Indonesia

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