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Nazo's Pre-reading Activity 9

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Hi there,

Here I am again. Here is a tasty activity for you. It always works in any class or with any level.
The teacher(T) pairs the students(ss) off by telling who is A and who is B. So in each pair there is an A nad a B.

1- T. choses 6 words from the text that will help ss to guess what the text will be about.
2- T. asks all A's to open their eyes and B's to close their eyes.
3- T. shows 3 words written on cue cards to all the A's and asks them to remember their words.
4- The same is repeated for B's.
5- Now each pair has seen 6 words in total. Each person tells his/her words to his/her partner.
6- Pairs make up a story with those 6 words and tell their story to the class.
7- Then the official text is read by everyone and compared with their stories.

P.S: The aim of the 6 cards and A's and B's closing their eyes is to make the activity interesting. The T could have stuck all the cards on the board instead.


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