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Nazo's Pre-reading Activity 4

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Here is another pre-reading activity for you. For this activity a reading passage with a clear storyline is more suitable because the students (ss) have to put the story in order. E.g. I had used a text which was about a man who bought an island and started a to live there.
Here is the procedure:
1- The teacher (T) summarizes the reading passage into 7 sentences.
2- Each sentence is written on a cuecard.
3- At the back of each cuecard a number is written randomly.
4- Ss line up in front of the class according to the numbers of the cuecards.
5- The task of the class is to put those 7 ss in the correct order by listening to their sentences, so that a correct story is formed.
6- The class uses sentences like: I think that Ali is first because his sentence starts with "once upon a time", etc.
7- After all ss are put in the correct order, T can ask the following questions:
* Who are the main characters?
* Where does the story take place?
* What is the story about?
8- Finally, the class is divided into groups of 3 and they check their story with the story in the coursebook.


P.S: Could you please send me feedback after you have tried this activity with your class. My e-mail address is below. Thank you very much in advance.

Nazan Ozcinar
Sabanci University, ISTANBUL, TURKEY
E-mail: [email protected]

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