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Team Hangman

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Team Hang Man

You need a pair of dice for this game. I always use phony paper money to pass out, but you can keep score on the board,too. This game works better if the students already know how to play regular hang man.

There are two teams. Each team gets a gallows drawn on the board. Put a word or a short sentence on the board in spaces. If it is a sentence I put a slash line between the words to separate them. The rules are the same as hang man. Each team guesses a letter, if it isnít there one body part is drawn in.
But there is a twist. Before the guess is made the dice are rolled. The number rolled will be the amount of money the team will win if a letter appears. If a one is rolled on either die, however, the team canít guess and a body part is drawn on the gallows. If the team guesses a letter correctly they have the option to pass the dice or try and guess the answer. If they can guess the correct word or sentence, they can keep all the money they have won to that point and the game is over. The money won is now safe. If they guess the answer wrong a body part is drawn and the dice pass.
The game continues until one team guesses the answer and wins, or until one team is hung on the gallows and then loses.
You can add variations. If a letter appears twice, money is double, three times triple, etc. If a team rolls double ones they lose all there money isnít safe. Big people like this game, too.

Dan McLaughlin Tokushima Japan
[email protected]

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