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Nazo's Pre-reading Activity 3

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This activity is to personalize the reading passage for the students (ss) so that they will have interest in reading it. For this activity any reading passage which requires information about ss' own life is suitable. E.g. a text on television.

1- Ss sit with a partner face to face, knee to knee.
2- Each student has a piece of paper and a pencil. Ss just write the answers to the questions that the teacher (T.) asks.
3- This is a silent activity.
4- T. reads out the 5 questions one by one. E.g: How much time does your partner spend in front of TV a day?
5- The task of the ss is to look at their partners and make guesses about their partners.
6- After guessing, ss write the answers down. E.g: 4 hours
7- The T. writes the questions down on the board.
8- Ss discuss their guesses.
9- Now ss read the text in their books to answer the same questions, but this time for the main character in the text.


P.S: I would be very pleased if you could write feedback to me after you have tried this activity out with your class.
Thanks a lot.

Nazan Ozcinar
Sabanci University, Istanbul, TURKEY
E-mail: [email protected]

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