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Nazo's Pre-reading Activity 1

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Reading is the most important skill for university students (ss) because they will be confronted with this skill when they are in a freshman class. The job of us, the teachers, is then to prepare ss in such a way that they become interested in the reading passages in the course books. One way of doing this is to prepare various pre-reading activities for the ss so that they wish to read further.
The following pre-reading activity requires ss' backgroung knowledge in order to do the task.

The most suitable text for this activity would be any informative text. E.g. I had a text on how GOLD was used in the past.

1- Teacher (T.) prepares 5 small slips of paper on which statements are written. E.g: Gold has been used for more than 600 years. T / F
2- T. sticks each T / F slip on the walls of the classroom.
3- T. asks ss to stand up and answer the 5 T/F questions.
4- After answering the questions, ss are asked to check their answers by scanning the text.


P.S: If you could write feedback how this activity went in your classes, just send an e-mail and I would be very happy to hear about it.

Nazan Ozcinar
Sabanci University, Istanbul TURKEY
E-mail: [email protected]

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