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True or False?

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This is a low pressure game which doesn’t really stretch anyone’s English ability, but requires no preparation and is great for perking up a bored class, using up some spare time in a fun way, etc.
Everyone makes two sentences about him/herself, teacher included. You can say ANYTHING, e.g. “I had a hamburger for lunch”, “I can play the saxophone”, “I have two brothers”, etc, the only requirements are that one sentence must be true and the other false, and that both should be things which nobody else knows (either way…) so if a student has a good friend in the class, he or she may have to think about it for a moment. Then each student says his/her sentences in turn. After each student has said his/her sentences, you ask for a show of hands from whoever thought sentence 1 was true, then again for sentence 2, then ask the student which one actually was true- whoever guessed correctly gets a point (everybody must keep their own score). At the end of the game everyone calls out their score in turn… highest score/s win/s.

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