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Spell with ya bum!!

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Get the kiddies into groups of about 6. One student at a time comes to the front of the class and spells a word by making the letter shapes with their bottom. As soon as the rest of the students know the word,one from each group runs to the front of the class and writes it on the blackboard. They get points for accuracy, speed and if they cant do the word in english they can do it in their native language -they just dont get as many points. This way everyone can play, even without knowing the word in English. This is a VERY funny game, especially with extrovert students. It works well for beginners. I play with 12 year olds and they love it, but the girls start to get a little self conscious by this age so it is also good for younger students.
Have fun!

sian owen
wakayama ken
[email protected]

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