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Peter's Puppet Playmate

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I taught kindergarten for a while and started using puppets during lessons. I bought a purpose-made duck but anything can be adapted to make a puppet, like an old sock with buttons for eyes or even a sponge. Don't forget to give it a name !
The puppet was introduced as being a new classmate to the children and I used it to participate in lessons when I taught new vocabulary or simple grammar. I would make the puppet give wrong answers and encourage the children to correct it by saying, "Is that right ? Is the answer ..... ?" When the children knew the target language, they desperately wanted the puppet too, as well, and would shout out the answers to help the puppet. Even though the puppet was at the end of my hand and it was obvious that I was providing the voice, the children still went along with the idea and enjoyed helping their new "classmate".
The original idea came from Peter Houry at Daruna International School in Ratchaburi, Thailand. To him I send my thanks.

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