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Talk, Talk, Die!

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This is based on an improv game which, in my college troupe, is called "Story, Story, Die!" I didn't think it was good classroom material, but it was absolute dynamite when I actually tried it this morning.
Get four or five students to stand up in front of the class. Mix some talkative and quiet ones together. Now, you are going to be the director. Get a topic from the class, or make one up yourself. Any old topic will do. Pets, politics, food, clothes, shopping, airplanes.
Now, this is how it will go. You, the teacher, the director, will point to one of the student who is standing up front. That student must keep talking and talking and talking about the topic until you point to someone else. If they hesitate, stutter, or just don't speak, they "DIE!" It is even more fun if you tell the rest of the class that they get to yell "DIE!" at someone who is stuttering, or hesitating, or not talking. If enough of the class yells it loudly enough, the person is out.
Keep going until you've knocked out all but one student. For fun, you can point at two or more people at the same time and have them talk, or, once the class gets the hang of it, a student can direct in your place. You can add in hand signals for louder and softer, you can have them tell stories instead of talk about facts, the variations are endless.
Have fun.

Haw Cheng
Jinan, Shandong Province, PRC

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