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This is similar to the "Battleship" game that most North Americans have played. With this version draw out a grid with about 7 or 8 rows across and the same number of rows down. Each square of the grid must be at least 1 and a half cm in size. Along the top and the side, write some words that would have similar pronunciation with another word. Each row must have a word. For example along the top you could write: Rice, Plays, Fed, etc. Along the side you write the similar sounding words:Lice, Place, Pet, etc. On one piece of paper draw out two matching grids with the same listed words along the top and the side. The top grid should be labelled THEM and the bottom grid should be labelled US.

The students then draw in their ships in the bottom grid. They may not draw them diagonally, only vertically and horizontally. They will need to draw:
1 ship that is 5 squares long.
2 ships that are 4 squares long.
3 ships that are 3 squares long.
4 ships that are 2 squares long.
5 ships that are 1 square long.

The students try and find all of their opponent's ships. If the opponent hits a ship the student must say. "HIT." If the square is empty of ships, then the student must say, "MISS." Once a whole ship has been hit the student loosing their ship must say, "Sunk" At the end of the game the students should compare their answer sheets to see if there were any mistakes.

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