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Donkey Ball

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Little kids usually only recognize one word in a question... With kindergarteners I sometimes get "I'm 5 years old," when I ask them, "How are you today?"
So, to alleviate this problem, I just pass a ball around the room. When I pass the ball to student A he has to answer a question, then he passes the ball to student B, C, D... any student. He then has to ask any question. It helps them understand the questions a little more. And, it breaks the monotony of having me only ask the questions. I'm surprised each time when I see how excited they get when I bring the ball into class. (Am I really that boring of a teacher???)
I also ask students how many pieces of candy they want. If they want one, then I ask them one question and they have to ask me one question. If they want 10, then they have to answer and ask 10. If they complete the task they're awarded with one, two, ten, etc. pieces of candy. Simple stuff.
Mike, S.Korea

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