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I tried this activity with a class consisting of kids between 8 and 11 years old. Even those who were usually quiet got involved.

The teacher writes a simple sentence on the board, "The book is on the bed." or "My father is playing with Tim." You tell the students that they are very curious and that they want to have more details about the sentence. They have to come up with as many questions as they can think of and you make up the answers as you go. For example; "What color is the book? Whose book is it? Why is it on the bed? Where is the bed? Who is Tim? Where are they playing? How old is your father?" As you can see the possibilities are endless and it will allow them to use all the English they've learned. Correct their grammar mistakes along the way and have a really good time. I was surprised with some of the questions because your answers sometimes make them more curious and iniate more questions. At one point I thought I was being questioned by a bunch of lawyers. I plan to use it for my parent's demo night, it's that good. Give it a try and see what happens. You'll be impressed.

Terry Terrian
Taipei Taiwan

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