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This is a really good way to get students to be creative.
1) Print out about 30 pieces of clip art or gather a number of images together. The number will vary depending on the number of students.

2) The students select three images each.

3) The students write a story that connects the images together.

4) You can modify this recipe by adding rules - the story must be about you or the story must be circular (the last picture must be connected back to the first picture), etc....

5) To mix things up you can set a time, say 10 minutes. After 10 minutes the students trade the pictures to the left and write a new story with a new set of pictures. Its fun to hear two different stories come from the same set of images.

This really gives students the chance to be creative.
Have fun!
Leslie Camacho, Riverside California, [email protected]

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