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I like this activity with basic-intermediate levels, the idea of the activity is to make something different with your class, I´m sure your students will love it, you´ll only need 20 pieces of paper, if you want you can divide them in two groups of ten, and label them with the numbers from one to ten, so here are the steps:

1- make a list in the board of the common prepositions such as in,on, at, under, between, near, e.t.c and make a brief explanation of them.

2- Divide the class in two teams.

3- here comes the interesting part, take the student outside ( most of the times I take them to a park, because in a park they can feel free and comfortable ).

4- give each group ten pieces of paper.

5- Tell to each group thay they have to hide the pieces of paper in different places of the park and also tell them that they have to write in a piece of paper ¨ the clues ¨ of where the papers were hidden; for example: Paper #1 is INSIDE the garbage can; paper # 2 is UNDER the rock that is NEAR to the slide, e.t.c.

6- So when they finish hiding all the papers you call the two teams back and you tell them that using the other team´s clues they have to search for the places where the other team hid their papers and the team who finds all the papers is the winner. If you want to, you can give a prize to the winner.

Jose Miguel Navarrete.

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