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After teaching EFL for 13 years in my country (Panama), I decided to move to the US to teach ESL. I encountered a new reality: all my students are either Mexican or Honduran, and they are passionate about SOCCER!
So I decided to introduce soccer in my classroom. This game is useful to practise IRREGULAR VERBS.
Books generally teach our students the BASE FORM, PAST, AND PAST PARTICIPLE of the verbs, so you first write these categories on the chalkboard as titles. Then split the class in two. MAKE SURE THAT THERE ARE OUTSTANDING 'A' STUDENTS ON BOTH TEAMS. Each team must choose a name and a goalkeeper. By tossing a coin you decide which team will start.
1.Each team must use three opportunities: one to choose a verb (out of a list previously studied and practiced), another one to pass the ball to a team member, and the last one to score a goal.
2.One player chooses a verb and says aloud the name of the player he is giving the pass to and the verb chosen, then this player says the name of the person he/she is passing the 'imaginary ball' and the form of the verb he/she likes.
Honduran Team

Juan: Maria-To Break (Juan chooses a verb)
Maria: Jose-BROKE (Maria chose Jose to say the past to him)
Jose: Break (Jose decided to say the base form)

***NOTE: Every time they say a verb form, the teacher writes it on the chalkboard below each title.

3.If everything goes right, Jose's last word is the shot to the opponent's goal, so the other team's goalkeeper should say the verb form that is missing.

Goalkeeper: BROKEN (Which is the past participle)

4.If there is a mistake while passing 'the ball', that team loses its turn.
5.If the goalkeeper fails to say the answer, the other team scores a goal and keeps its turn.

6.If the goalkeeper has got a correct answer, there is no goal for the opponents and his team is in turn now.

The team with more goals is the WINNER!!!


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