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This is a great way for your students to really use their speaking skills, and it produces some good laughs, too.

Make slips of paper with various products on each one, such as a camera, basketball & hoop, concert, hiking boots, car, perfume, etc. Put them in a bowl or hat or whatever, and have each student draw one piece of paper. For 5 minutes they have to try and sell this product to the class, convincing the rest of the students that they really need or want this item. Suggest that they try to use a recently learned idiom or vocabulary word in the selling process. After the student is finished with their initial sales statements, take another 5 minutes and have the rest of the class ask the salesperson questions about their product, which will make the speaker have to come up with further good reasons and answers to support their "case". They often make them up, and it can be pretty entertaining. At the end of the Q&W period, the teacher is to ask the rest of the class to raise their hands if they want to buy this product. Whoever sells the most wins. Have fun with it. Me and my students had a great time.

Allyson Linn
Istanbul, Turkey

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