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Mysterious Moo-about Magpie Maze

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First teach your kids or adults directions such as left,right, north, south etc. Then teach them how to give directions, go straight ahead, turn back, turn left, etc. Now have on hand a blind fold, you can use anything a sweater, a tie, anything that will cover the eyes. Rearrange all of the desks in the class to resemble a maze with one entrance and one exit. Then split the class into how many teams you wish depending on the size of the class. Set up half the teams at one openning of the maze and the other teams at the other end. Tell each team to select one person to go through the maze blindfolded. The rest of the people in the team have to successfully navigate the blinded person through the maze using only english, and using the directions that you have just taught them. You as the teacher will have a watch with a second hand to see how long it takes them to get through. Each second is one point and the lowest score wins. Extra rules include, if the students yell out in their native language than five points are added on, if the blind one hits one of the desks than another five points are added on each time. Once the blinded one gets through the maze than the other teams get to rearrange the desks in the class therefore making it harder for the next group. Note that while the desks are being rearranged the new blinded one cannot see what is going on and must have the blind fold on. The kids go nuts and it makes the language come alive, and the competitive aspect really keys them in.

Give it a try it's a blast.
Rene Ng ([email protected])
Beijing, China

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