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Whitney Houston's "Will Power"

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Almost every student has heard "I Will Always Love You" sung by Whitney Houston, originally by Dolly Parton. The reason we so frequently use "going to" when we express future intent is that what we "are going to" do is of relative unimportance or certaintly. By playing the emotionally intense "I will always love you" and reminding the students of the context in which it was sung, the romantic movie "The Bodygaurd", it is very easy to illustrate how silly it would have been had Whitney sang, "And I am going to always love you." We do not equate a promise of lifelong passionate love with washing the dishes for example. "I am going to wash the dishes after dinner." This is a great song to illustrate the intrinsic difference between going to future and will future. After playing and discussing this song, bring in other famous sayings or quotes such as "a day that is going to live in infamy." (ha ha)Try this one too "I'm going to be back." (ha ha again) Use your best Arnold Schwartzanager voice.

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