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Red Light Green Light Deluxe

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Jim Solomon, Tokyo [email protected]
This is a variation of the children's game Red Light Green Light, or "Daruma-san Ga Koronda" as it is known in Japan. Instead of a bunch of players actually racing toward a goal, the players in my version write on the board as many letters in proper order from the alphabet as they can while the person who is it says "Green light!" and hides his eyes, then they must freeze and stop writing letters when the player who is it announces "Red Light!" Any player who is caught still writing after the red light announcement must sit down. The first player to get the entire alphabet written on the board can now be it. You can vary the game by changing the stop and go commands to other synomyms such as "desist and proceed," or "halt and continue." Or instead of the alphabet they can write numerals from 1-25 or something else you can imagine. Good luck.

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