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Leah's Great Trivia Game for practicing Intonation

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This is a fun and challenging game for international students. I have used it in my Academic Speaking class as a way for students to practice intonation contours for WH and yes/no questions and statements. I am sure that it can be changed to suit your needs.

* Begin by asking your students to write down two questions about their country. For example, what is the capital of Suadi Arabia? Is Mexico City a state? or What are the official langauges of Canada?
* Take the questions home and write them out on cards with the correct intonation pattern. Put the answer to the question on the back of the card. Put the questions in a brown paper bag.
* The next day, divide the class into teams; assign team names.
* Each team member must take turns choosing a question from the question bag and reading it to their team, using the correct intonation to ask the question. They are not allowed to give the answer or help their team. Their team must try and answer the question using a full sentence and correct intonation.
* If the team does this correctly they receive 10 points; if not they loose 10 points and the other teams have a chance to steal the question for 10 points.
* The winning team receives a prize.

This game is a good way to hide a normally boring pronunciation topic in the form of a game. My students had a great time, practiced correct intonation and learned a little bit about each others' countries.

The American Language Institute
San Diego, CA

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