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invention madness

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another thing that has helped me to make my students speak is Inventions. This can be used for both Intermediate students and I have even used it to teach my business class. First what you do is you make the Ss invent something, I like to put them in groups of two or three. If they do something that has already been invented, they must improve it. I give out paper and markers and let them go at it. Some of their inventions are really great and will astound you! They must make at least three uses for their product and have to know how it works and what it does. What they must do them is to sell the product to the rest of the class. I teach them about sales pitch and the importance of Eye contact, enthusiasm and moving around. They have to then sell the product to the class telling them how it works and why they should buy it. I usually put a time limit to it that way you don't end up with some 5 sec. sales pitches. To make the whole group speak, I have one partner that must do the sales pitch and the other one must do a demonstration of the product to tell us how it works. With others I might have them to write an advertisement. You would beleive how well they enjoy doing this. After someone does a sales pitch, I open the floor to questions about the product. At the end of everyone being finished, the whole group votes who is the best and why. I also have them to tell what they thought of each others sales pitch, why it was good, what could have been done better and so on. I teach High school and this really does work and it fun. As I said before, I even did it in a company class and used it as a final exam, it was great what they came up with. Hope it works

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