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Monopoly-fun and can be played with a large group

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I live in China and teach in Technical School. As anyone knows, teaching them to speak is like pulling teeth, maybe harder. I have always loved to play Monopoly so I decided to use it but with a twist. I Make a huge Monopoly board on the chalkboard. I try to stick with the orginal format like jail and free parking but I change a few things. One is that I make the properties into countries that way they can learn how to say the correct country. Then I use some chance and community chest but I try to put question instead of it also. This way you ask them some question in English that they have to respond to. You can use this to review the lesson or I ask question to make themm think. ie. If you were on a deserted island, what three things would you take and why. I also put a song on the board. Whoever lands on it has to sing a song, this makes it really fun because everyone wants to avoid this square. I then get magnetic pieces, much like the pieces you put on a whiteboard and theya re the game pieces. I divide the group up into however many teams needed. They roll the dice and move their own pieces. I do not give paper money out because I would never get it back so I just keep up with the money on the board, same thing with the properties. I make them subtract/add and so on with the numbers and they have to tell me the sum of it in English. It is a fun game that I have played numberous times. Usually will take several days to play. I limit it to two days. As the time flies, I make the rent double, triple and so on.
Hope this helps someone who is dry out of ideas. Thanks so much for those who have contributed to this for you have helped me out of a jam several times

Rachel-Jiangyin China

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