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Dice of Fortune

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Well, as you can guess this is an adaption of the popular show Wheel of Fortune minus the wheel, of course.

You can split your class into two, three, or even four groups, but more than four gets pretty difficult.

Use one die and designate:
1- lose a turn
2- $200
3- lose a turn
4- $400
5- Bankrupt (it makes the students go crazy when they lose all their money)
6- $600
vowels cost $250 (only subtract the amount once, do not charge $500 for two e's)

To make it more interesting, you can add another die and combine the dollar values, but make sure that the second die does not have lose a turn, or bankrupts. You can add a free roll, and maybe special prizes (choice from a goodie bag). Of course, when they roll both dice the lose a turn and bankrupt still apply. They get the free roll card and not the dollar amount for a round where that pops up, but they do get the dollar amount and the goodie bag choice when they roll this.

Of course, choose the difficulty of the phrases according to the level of your class and enjoy...this gets a little loud, but it's great fun!!!!

Cheryl in Singapore
[email protected]

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