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If you don't have the book "Edutainment" you are missing a really useful weapon in your esl class arsenal. One game in there is this how quickly can you make a sentence with these put together word cards. I have played that game a dozen times with my highschoolers and they love it. Then I came up with a variation that the kids enjoy even more. Rather than joining up paper cards to write sentences, I hand out strands of uncooked spaghetti the kids must break up and form into words and or entire sentences on their desk tops. So for instance I say to the class, "He is my friend." Working as fast as they can in groups the kids write the sentence in spaghetti. The team that finishes writing the sentence first raise their hands, I check the sentence to make sure it is right and award that team a point. It isn't a game you play every week and it requires some sweeping up afterwards and it sounds silly I know, but variety in the esl classroom is important to keep the students awake, er, learning.

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