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Cold(er) Cool(er) Warm(er) Hot(ter)

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We all know this game and I am surprised I haven't seen it yet on these pages. I start by writing on the board cold, colder, cool. cooler, warm, warmer, hot, hotter and, if necessary, explain their meanings to the class. Then I take a student's pencil case or some other object from their desk top. I then tell the the student to close their eyes. I hide the object somewhere in the classroom. The student then must get up and search for the object directed to it by all the rest of the class shouting hints. They shout "cold" when the searcher is far away, "colder" when the searcher moves farther away, they shout "cool" and "cooler" as the searcher gets a little closer, "warm" and "warmer" as the searcher gets nearer and finally "hot" when the searcher is right on top of the hidden object. After finding the thing the searcher then chooses the next "victim", hides an object of theirs and the game continues.

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