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Rock Scissors Paper Vocab

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Hi from New Zealand!

I have tried this fun game with kids and adults, and both seem to really enjoy it.

Put picture cards or any other type of vocabulary in a line on the table or the floor. Put the class into two teams, one team at either end of the vocab line. One person from each team stands by the first vocab word at their end. Teacher says "GO!" and they both have to name all the vocab words CORRECTLY and quickly. If they say the wrong vocab word, they have to start again from the first word.

When they get to the middle (more or less depending on how fast they recall the vocab) they play Rock-Scissors-Paper. The winner continues, the looser goes back to his team and the next player comes up and names the vocab FROM THE BEGINNING. The winning team is the person who gets to the other end by naming the first vocab word from the other teams end.

They really enjoy the challenge and I find after this game they practically know the vocab without even drilling!

If you find this really works, or have any other variations, please let me know! Or just other great ideas to share...
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