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A ship comes loaded

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This is a game where you practice words and your memory!
Let the students choose a letter, for example A. Now the class is going to say words, one each, that begins with an A.
Start like this: say to the first student "a ship comes loaded". The student answers "with what" and you say "with apples". Then the student continues to say to the next one in the class "a ship comes loaded"...he/she answer "with what"...the student says "with apples and apes" for example. And then it continues like that "forever".
The students have to remember what words have been said and they have to come up with a new word beginning with the letter that they decided to play with.
If anyone fails to remember all the words that have been said or if he/she can´t come up with a new word, they are out of the game. The winner is the one that can continue "forever" without failing. (It can be a looong day!)

When I played it with my class (swedish 13 year olds) they didn´t want to stop so they continued the game even after the lesson was finished and I had left the room!!

Enjoy the alphabet with the loaded ship!

greetings from Mia Hanzén, Sweden
mail: [email protected],com

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