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Gimme the Gokiburi Game!

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I teach in Japan where Gokiburis (a cute name for cockroach in Japanese) are everywhere. The kids always ask for this game which I invented since I was bored of the regular flashcard games.
Buy two fly swatters from the dollar (hyaku en in Japan) store. Divide the kids into two teams. You will have pre-maid about 3 flashcards with pictures of cockroaches on them. Mix them in with your regular vocabulary flashcards and spread them out on the floor. The kids will take turns swatting flashcards when you call them out. For example, if you shout, "dog" the first person to swat dog, wins that card for their team. The team with the most cards at the end wins. If you call "gokiburi" or "cockroach", the kid who murders the coackroach ("korosu" in Japanese) gets a prize like a sticker or candy.
Have fun. Please let me know if this game works for you: [email protected]
Darcy in Aichi, Japan

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