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Meg and her happy stamps

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Hello all,

I have some real little hellions sometimes, and I have found a good motivator for them to dare to raise their hand in class (gasp!!). I subscribe to the participation points strategy. My kids get stamps in their namecards. About once a week I make a new stamp (with an eraser and an x-acto blade) and all the students just simply HAVE to get the new stamp, all the cool kids have it... The stamps are really easy to make, and you can get stamp pads in all kinds of pretty colours (well, I live in Japan, everything is cute here). My students seem overwhelmed by my innovation and creativity, and at the end of term I give the kid with the most stamps a little present and a certificate.

There's my $0.02.

Megan Griffith-Greene
Junior high school teacher, Japan
[email protected]

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