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How are you talking to me ?

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In fact, I'd use it as a warm up activity , but involves speaking. Before class, prepare some slips of paper with messages like : Doubt what I say, Ask me details, Don't pay much attention to what I say, Repeat what I say, Ignore me, Interrup me, etc. You must have 1 message per student. Stick the message on your student's back and say they will go around the class and talk about the subjects you say, but they need to talk following the instruction on their partner's back. E.g. You are talking about food and you partner has gotten the message " ask me details"...ask him all the details you can about what he is saying...At your command, they change partners and subjects, but still following the message on their partner's back. Change partners at least 3 times ...then ask if the students can say what's written on their back and they felt when the others talked to them.
It works well with students who are at least in the intermediate level.

Jussara Uehara

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