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The reading game

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One game I came up with in order to help my students learn to read is a reading game. It doesn't take much time to prepare, and my little ones love it.

All you need is a bunch of flash-cards with pictures on one side and the word on the other side, and a board. You show the students the flashcards with the word side facing then and ask them to read it. When one of them gets the word right, mark a point next to their name on the board.

It works well with the youngest students who know the words when they see a picture (in case of my students almost all of them do), know the letters, but have problems recognizing the words. They get really excited when they get the right answer. The problem is some kids are better than others, and the weaker kids might get discouraged. I play this game with some of my older students as well, but I encourage them to sound the words out more than the younger ones. Good luck.

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