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the artist game

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This one is really fun!
Bring several pictures to class. Postcards are great: they come in a variety of images: art, publicity, landscapes, cartoons, abstract or classical paintings, public figures...
Then pair the students and give a card to only one of them. The student with the card has to describe the image to his partner, who doesn't see it. As he listens to the description, the student who doesn't have the picture is asked to draw what the partner is saying.
When this is finised, compare the originals and the copies with the entire class. You can use this step to introduce comparatives (on the first picture the sun is smaller, bigger...)and induce discussion.
Sophie-Hélène Cimon
Business English Teacher
Quebec city, Canada
[email protected]
P.S. The quality and flaw game was mine too !
I forgot to sign it!

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