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quality and flaw game

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This works well for adults or older teenagers that are quite fluent in English. It's fun if they already know each other well and it will get them acquainted fast if they don't. I works best for groups of 5-12 people.
Ask each student to write, on separate pieces of paper, one of their qualities and one of their flaws. Put all the papers in a bag. Now, one after the other they will pick a piece of paper from the bag, read its contents to the other students. The next step is to discuss and decide as a group who gets the quality-flaw, and what makes them say that. Don't hand the paper to anyone before you reach unanimity.After this first round some peole will end up with 2 qualities and no flaws, or vice versa, some people have nothing. When all the papers are handed out, help them discuss so that each person has one quality and one flaw. Once this is done, have each student make a short speech about why he doesn't have the qualities-flaws the others attributed him-her.The class clown might have to convince you he is not sociable!
During the last round the class will make the last changes.
At the end ask the students to raise their hands if they have the 2 pieces of paper that belonged to them originally. Them ask them to raise their hand if they only have 1 of the original papers.
This game can last a very long time, but it never gets boring. I've even done it with beginner adults and it was a great experience. It's good for people who work together because it might be too personal for people who don't want to disclose during their classes!
If you feel comfortable, you can even join the game and admit to your impatience or irritability!

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