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This works great with very basic beginners, or older high-beginners.

Put the students into teams - if they are a higher ability, you need
a larger team (up to 8) , lower ability, smaller (up to 6).
You need a pack of cards for each team (risky - I know), and remove
the jokers. Next, you tell each student that they have to choose a
type of store (or a name) that they would like to represent, for
example, Music store, clothes store, fruit and vegetable store, etc...
They should tell the rest of their team who they are, and everyone should
be different.

Now comes the complicated bit (not really). Deal all of the cards out
to each student in the team. They SHOULD NOT look at the cards. Starting
with the oldest student in the group, they turn over a card and place it
in a pile in front of them. The next student then turns over a card (ONE
AT A TIME) and places it on their own pile. Play continues until there are
two students with the same number. Here, the two with the same must shout
out an object they can buy in their opponents store BEFORE the opponent can
shout out something in theirs. There can be no repeats, and once one person
has said something, it cannot be used by anyone else.

Still following?

The person who says the object first, gets to keep the two piles of
cards. The aim is to get the most cards as possible. Play continues with the next person.

It is much harder to remember all the stores than it seems, and the
students have to work hard not to repeat.

To make it even harder, all the students can turn over their cards at
the SAME TIME so they may have to things of things for 2,3, or 4 things
at once.

Another option is having two different packs mixed together.

This game can also be used for categories, so rather than a store,
the students pick a category.

This game can get quite rowdy, but the students told me that many
played it at Christmas time with their families, so it can be played
in any language!!

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