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This is an activity I discovered to be more appealing to young learners than was apparent at first. It involves vocabulary related to any type of product that can be bought in a shop as well as the grammar issue of some/ any/ no. Students are asked to imagine they actually have the exciting opportunity (please make it seem so) of starting their own shop. Ask them to work in groups of whatever size you may find convenient (3-7) to make up a list of the products they will have available. Then ask them to find a catchy name for their shop (quickly, they may tend to waste time on it) and write it as clearly as possible on a large sheet of paper. Then tell them they are going to visit each other's shop and buy whatever they like. You may write on the board the exact formula for question/ answer you want them to practise - like "Have you got any...?" "Yes, we have some/ no, we haven't got any". Finally, just ask them to hold out their shop's name and people will call out a shop and ask them about a product. If the answer is correct grammatically, they will ask the next question and so on and so forth...
Ovidiu Aniculaese
[email protected]
Botosani, Romania

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