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Pronouns on Valentine's Day

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This is a matching game, "Concentration"-style, which can be made with infinite content and variations. Last Valentine's Day, my students were learning object pronouns, so I made sentences about my students with the verb "love." First, of course, we had a pretty interesting discussion of what "love" means and the different ways we can use it. Here are some sample matches:

Nancy loves her students. = She loves them.
Lola loves Luis. = She loves him.
Jose loves his new car. = He loves it.
Seon Joo and her husband love Benjamin. = They love him.


If you're not familiar with the game, here are the instructions: Write each sentence on an index card. Mix up the cards and lay them face down. Students can group into teams, and each team can turn over two cards at a time. If the sentences match, they keep them; otherwise they replace them, and the next team has a turn. The team with the most matches wins. Have fun!

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