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To get your students into teams with people they don't usually work with, try making "animal groups". You need to make cards, enough for one per student, each card should have a picture of one animal on it.
If you want to make 5 groups, make a set of cards using 5 different animals. Choose animals that have a distinctive voice, or feature or movement. For example ... elephant, snake, rooster, dragon, giraffe, monkey. Shuffle the cards and hand them out to the students. they shouldn't show anyone their card. Then all students stand up and move around the room in the style of their animal ... for example shouting "miaw" or making their neck extra long ...?? ... looking for other people acting similarly. The students should identify each other and then go in search of other members, as quickly as possible. You can give the teams who group together fastest some bonus points for the start of the next team activity.
It also means that as you play other team games you can refer to each group by their animal.

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