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The Movie Song Game

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This is a very easy game that intermidiate and advanced levels can enjoy.

Just go into class and divide the students into two teams. Team One's first member chooses a movie and describes it to the class. Ie plot content (you can make it more difficult by not allowing the students to use the main actors names). Then both team one and two can shout out the possible answers and the team that says the correct answer gets a point.

You can choose the next speaker by either allowing the correct "guesser" a turn or to be more inclusive to go around each group and give each member of the team an equal opportunity

You can also do this with songs and music videos. The best part is the kids don't have to choose only American movies or songs they can explain in english their favorite Korean movies and videos as well.

This is great for the teacher as well because you can gain an understanding of the movies and music that your students are into and use them as topics in your other conversation classes. My students are always impressed that I know who Jo Sung Mo is or that I can recite the meaning of an H.O.T song. This game has been going around my Hagwon and so far all of the students have enjoyed it.

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