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Another Famous Name Game

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Here's a game that's great to get the class rolling or perk them up after some text work! It's useful for Beginner to Intermediate and you can think up a few extra rules to make it good for advanced classes.

The idea is that you tape a famous persons name to the volunteers back and have the volunteer try to guess who s/he is with the class providing the answers. This is a great game because you can use any questioning patterns that you want to teach or review (ie: yes/no answers, "I'm famous, aren't I?"... etc..)

I usually use 3 or 4 volunteers and get them to ask questions in turn. The first on to figure out who they are wins. It's even more funny when you throw in a name of a class mate every once in a while... the students really love this.

Questions like "Am I a man?" or "Am I good looking?" get the class howling!!!

Names are easy to find because every country has their own celebs, and of course there are some standard names that everyone seems to know... Arnold Schwartzenegger (sp?) seems to be a universal.... same with Bill Gates.

The class starts to loosen up and those sleepy ones at the back perk right up. Enjoy.

Chantelle Snyder

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