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Death or glory

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My name is Eddy and I've been on both sides of the desk for over 35 years. Currently, I teach in a very elite high school but have also taught in Japan and Cambodia for five years.
For various reasons I am always faced with a class who have only known teachers that talk throughout the class with no student interaction. On top of this, teenagers all over the world feel the barrier between their own lives and adventures and the sense of a confining establishment, represented by their teachers!
To break down the barrier, open the interaction highway and develop trust I create a situation where the questions are answered by students chosen by the class.
Initially, I spin around with my eyes shut, arm extended with my finger as a guide singing the twilight zone theme tune (which, for some unknown reason all my students seems to associate with mysterey and anticipation). When I stop the spin and open my eyes my finger will be pointing at someone.
The value of this little trick is that I don't have to be the big bad teacher picking on someone from my own secret agenda! All can see how fair I am.
From then on I ask the student to choose another boy or girl (to choose the opposite sex)who will then be asked the next question.
This brings a whole new element of fun and bonding into the group as they play death or glory around the room. Invariabley it becomes a group selection as they choose their victim, putting him or her on the spot not too look an idiot and die in front of the class. Even the bad elements of the class are roped in with the more motivated students eager to see them bomb! The knock on effect is that the bad element systematically choose members of their own clique to watch them squirm under the spotlight! No one is exempt, for everyone loves a little bloodsport!
as the teacher you can really ham it up when they choose the victims. You can pretend to be confused over the names and create
funny names similar to their real name. Sometimes these new names become adopted by the class, changing someone's life for ever!!
Good luck and have fun!

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