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You divide the class into 2 groups. Both groups will write down triva questions. The format would be like this: What is the capital of Canada?
A. Toronto B. Vancouver C. Ottawa D. Montreal
Group 1's questions will be kept a secret from group 2 and vice versa. After each group has about 30 questions, then the game begins.
Two people from group 1 sit in what is called the " money seat". It is called the money seat because group 1 has a chance to win money. Two players from group 2 will ask the trivia questions that all the team members wrote down.
question 1 is worth $1000
question 2 $2000
question 3. $3000
question 4. $4000
question 5. $10,000

Group 2 begins with their questions. If the students from group 1 answer correctly, then they keep moving on towards the big money. If they anwer 5 questions right in a row, then they get the jackpot for their team. If the students only get 1 question right then they receive their $1000 and 2 players different from the 2 people asking the questions from group 2 will sit in the money seat, and 2 different players from group 1 will ask their team's questions.
Good Luck. I teach at a university in Lopburi, Thailand. All the students love this game because it resembles a TV game show in Thailand.

Rod Walsh
[email protected]

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