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My name is Susan Thomas and I teach adult ESL in Brockville, Ontario, CANADA. The following game is a favourite of both mine and my students. It seem to be the most requested when I present choices for language games.

This game is perfect to review themes studied over a period of time or just that week. I divide the class into two teams and for each review question, the team works together to get the correct answer. This promotes team-work, student oral interaction and eliminates the chance of making one student feel "stupid" because they didn't remember the answer.

I write the numbers from 1- 6 on the board. Each number represents a different topic. ie: 1 - prepositions
2 - weather
3- verbs
4- idioms etc...
Before their turn, the team rolls a die. The number they roll determines the topic of their question. To make the game more exciting, I make the #6 topic "Susan's Surprise!" which means I can ask them ANY question on ANY topic I choose of ANYTHING we have studied before! It's really funny to see the looks of "terror" on their face when they roll a 6 and wonder what I'll ask them! (Of course I play it up by "cackling" or rubbing my hands together as though I'm preparing to ask a difficult question....) The team has 30 secs to come up with an answer and uses a pre-determined spokesperson to say their answer!

If their answer is correct, they can then choose co-ordinates on a pre-prepared GRID- letters A to J down the left side of the grid and the numbers 1- 10 across the top. Each co-ordinate point has a hidden point value of 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 pts which YOU have predetermined on a score key and kept out of sight. After they choose their coordinates, you reveal the value of that square. ie: A-3 is 30 pts! G-1 is 50 points! etc. Their anticipation to find out how many points they have is hilarious and so adorable! (I usually sing part of a game show theme every time a team happens to pick a square with a 50 pt value. They love it and totally get into celebrating their success. It's also a great thing to prepare them for activities in reading maps with coordinates etc..)

I have the team add their scores each time (I keep track on the board). This gives practice in saying their numbers correctly. Another way to choose points is to give each team 2 dice, one red and one white, roll them and read them as a number, red dice first. ie if they roll a red 6 and a white2 that would be 62 points for their team. Again, make THEM add the score for number priactice! They love that too.

I have had incredible success with both my beginner and intermediate classes. It builds class spirit and each student's morale as they see how much they are able to retain! Hope you have as much fun with it as I have... Hope I didn't bog you down with unnecessary detail!

Susan Thomas
Brockville, Ontario, CANADA

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