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My Ideal Town

This is a good activity for practising using phrasal verbs of obligation and/or prohibition like MUST/HAVE TO/ALLOWED TO/CAN etc.

Get students to work together in pairs and make a list of all the things that really annoy them about living where they do. It could be things that people do, or physical and environmental factors.

Some examples might be, traffic jams on the way to work, smoking in public places, cars driving too fast, (my student's favourite was too many old people on the trams in the morning!)

After you've written up on the board all the things that the class can think of that really annoy them get them to write some laws for their town which will rectify their complaints using the target modal verbs.


Skateboarding is allowed at all times and in all places.
Dogs are not allowed within the city limits, anywhere!
Old people cannot use the public transport system before 9.30 in the morning.
The city must provide abundant football pitches and other sports facilities free of charge for the inhabitants.

from Phil Mason, Prague. ([email protected])

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