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Family Feud

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I've had fun with family feud. It's also fairly easy to plan. Family feud is a gameshow where 100 people are surveyed and the players ("families"-- they are families on the show) try to guess what other people said.
The way before you play:
1) Ask your classes a series of questions; record their answers
2) Teacher writes down the 6-7 most popular answers and how many people said each answer
Then on the day of the game:
3) split up into two teams
4) Line up 5 players from each team in the front of the room
5) If you want to, ask everyone their names, where they are from, interests, etc. before starting (my classes are beginners)
6) First person in line on each team gets to try to guess the most popular answer to the question. Read the question and the first player to "buzz in" reponds; if he/she names the #1 answer, their team wins this portion. If not the other player gets to give an answer, and if it's more popular she/he wins. The winning team gets 100 points.
7) The winner of #6 above gets to choose to play (you ask their team) or pass (give it to the other team)
8) The team that plays gets 3 tries to get every answer; if they strike out the other team can steal the points with any answer that made the survey.
9) First team to get 300 points wins round #1
10) In round 2, ask 2 people the same questions and give them one point for every person who gave the same answer
"Name a fruit" (host)
apple-- if 37 people said apple, they get 37 points
Player 2 may noy duplicate player 1's answers; if they get 200 points together they win.
This game works with all ages and levels as long as the students are marginally literate, and it's a great exam review day activity.
Kelly Horgan
[email protected]

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