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Volcano Game

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This game is also called "The Definition Game". The teacher cuts up paper, preferably waste paper, into little squares, writes an English word on the paper, folds it in half, and hands it to a student. The student must NOT say the word on the paper!!! That is very important! The student must communicate the defintion to the class, and the class tries to guess the word. The student can use body language to try to convey the meaning, and obtain help from a friend sitting next to him/her if so desired. The longer a foreign teacher lives in Korea, the more they appreciate SIMPLE definitions. This past summer one of my advanced classes were playing the "Definition Game". The definition offered to explain 'volcano' was 'mountain fire'. Three quarters of the class immediately said "volcano". That is why we call it "The Volcano Game" in my neck of the woods. R/S Dave Rose/email:[email protected]

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