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Why Did He Do That?!?!

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This game is intended to get your class comfortable talking. I've used it tons of times, probably more than I should have, and the name changes each time. But here is how you play. You read your class a short paragraph of a strange occurance. (You might even want to write it on the board). Then, go around the room and have each person explain why the strange occurance might actually happen. Try to keep them in the world of reality so that they are forced to use words outside of the same 50 words they find every chance to use....Here is an example of a story to tell them and the questions they will need to answer in their response.

The Story:
An old man wakes up in the middle of the night. He leans over and sees that his wife is sleeping. Quietly, he creeps down the stairs into the basement, and sits down next to a brown trunk. He has an old key hanging on a chain around his neck. He uses the key to unlock the truck. Slowly, he sifts through old photographs and books. He opens one of the books and an envelope falls out. He takes the envelope over to the furnace and throws it in. The envelope slowly burns. After he watches the envelope burns he goes back up to bed, kiss his wife on the cheek, and falls asleep.

What was in the envelope?
Why did the old man put the envelope in the trunk in the first place?
Why did he burn the envelope?

For some strange reason I really like writing these kind of short paragraphs. If you want to read more of them to use in class, go to

Happy Teaching! ~Kolby

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