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Rainbow Chains for the Grammar Guru

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First, you'll need the following items:

Construction paper (2 colors) cut into strips

Choose an important grammar point that you want to focus on (tag questions, possessive adjectives, articles, etc). Have students write out a sentence on a scrap piece of paper. Make the corrections and then they can start to make the grammar chains.

All of the sentence, except for the focus word(s) should be on one color (ie. pink). Students should write one word on each strip of paper. Then on a different color (yellow) Have students write the grammar point you want to emphasize. Link the sentence together in the correct order and hang the chains around the room. Be sure to put a spacer between the words so you can actually read the sentences (I learned the hard way).

Before making the actual chains, you can also play a little game. Scramble the words in the sentences around and have the students put them in the correct order.

Hope you like it :-) Angela Brown Gunma, Japan

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