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Monster Cubes

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A fun game for reviewing body parts and numbers!

You need: two cubes of wood (1 sq inch each)

On one cube (on each of the 6 sides) you draw eyes, ears, mouth, hair, hands, feet
(or any other body parts you are working on)
and on the other cube you write out the numbers - one, two, three, six, ten, twelve...
(or any of the numbers that you are presently working on).

The student "throws the dice" and has to draw the outcome on his paper: twelve eyes,
three noses and six feet, etc...

The student continues until he has filled in all six body parts and colored in his monster.

For younger students, I wrote out the numbers (1,2,3...) and also draw the body parts along
with the words.

For more advanced students, we then write about our monsters,i.e. where are they from,
what do they eat and where do they sleep....

Have fun and watch out for monsters!

Judie Shermak
Kibbutz Beeri, Israel
[email protected]

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