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The Scrabble board game is a terrific tool that can be used in so many different ways with every age group.
A few years ago I was teaching in Seoul, S.K.. I was teaching six children, five were 10 years old and one was 8. The class lasted for 1.5 hours. Their attention span obviously was not the greatest but when I told them we would play scrabble for the last twenty minutes to half hour provided they worked diligently for the first part of the lesson. Not only did this please them, but they became very adept at telling the time in English. The idea behind the Scrabble game was to set them up in teams. They would look up a word in their dictionary (Korean-English) and the only way they could lay the tiles down was if they could explain this word to me in English. You can even assign points to the game at this age. The executives for the big companies would enjoy playing this game as well. Some alterations to the game perhaps would be needed. Ex: They needed to say a sentence using that particular word. If we had just studied a particular grammar structure, they would have to use the word in a sentence using that grammar structure or perhaps one learned in a previous lesson.
Neil Bouvier
[email protected]

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